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An Exquisite Taste Adventure!

Discover the rich and bold flavors of our signature HARISSA, a meticulously crafted Tunisian chili paste. This unique recipe, personally developed by Mabrouka, features the intense essence of roasted red chili peppers, a blend of coriander seeds, cumin, turmeric, and salt, all harmoniously complemented by premium olive oil and garlic.

Crafting Our HARISSA: A Culinary Journey

In our artisanal process: We begin by delicately removing stems and seeds from dried chili peppers. The peppers are then soaked, dried once more, and meticulously deseeded. The prepared chili peppers are finely chopped and expertly blended with our signature spice mix. Premium olive oil is added until the puree achieves the perfect thickness and texture.
HARISSAN hjá Mabrúka er mjög þétt og bragðmikil þannig að það þarf aðeins að nota lítið af henni í einu. Þegar þú notar hana heima mælum við með að þú þynnir hana með smá vatni eða ólífuolíu.


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