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HARISSA is a type of Tunisian chilli paste. Our unique recipe developed by Mamma Mabrouka is made with roasted red chilli peppers and a selection of spices including coriander, caraway, curcuma plus salt, mixed with high-quality olive oil.

A little about how we prepare the HARISSA paste:

First we remove the stems and the seeds from the chillies. We then rehydrate the chillies in water, drain them, and remove what is left of the seeds. The drained chillies are then blended together. Once this step is complete, the chilli paste is mixed with all of the other spices. Then we combine with olive oil until we have reached our desired texture consistency. The HARISSA that we sell is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way. When you use it at home, we recommend you dilute it with a small amount of water and olive oil.